Four monks eating

Four monks eating

1998.131.345 (Film negative)

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Frederick Spencer Chapman? Unknown photographer


Frederick Spencer Chapman

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Lhasa Area >

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81 x 111

Group of four monks eating in front of a textile awning

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Eating and Drinking

Photographic Process

Negative film nitrate

Date Acquired

Donated 1994

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Faith Spencer Chapman


British Diplomatic Mission to Lhasa 1936-37?

Photo also owned by

Frederick Spencer Chapman

Revised Photographer

Not Chapman?

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Other Information

In Negative - '2' has been printed on the bottom edge of the negative [MS 21/03/2006]

Technical Information - This image was probably not taken with the quarter plate Zeiss Nixe film or film pack camera as the negative is slightly smaller and thinner than that which Chapman used on the Mission to Lhasa when using his quarter-plate sized negatives. The image does also not relate to any of the captions for quarter-plate negatives in the handlist of images taken that Chapman compiled during the Mission [see PRM archive]. The image, therefore, may have been taken by another member of the Mission, many of whom enjoyed taking photographs. See Chapman Lhasa The Holy City [London: Chatto & Windus, 1938] for a description of the still and cine cameras that Chapman used as Mission photographer [MS 25/2/2005]

Other Information - Related Images

Other Information - Related Images: 1998.131.341, 294, 295 & 394 seem all to have been taken with this similar type of negative, which is slightly different to that which Chapman used on the Mission [MS 21/03/2006]

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